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The popular US "long-distance runners" at NOCH - Athearn "The Biggest-Little Railroad in AmericaSM"

Here you will find the remaining stock of H0 and N scale steam and diesel locomotives as well as passenger and freight cars for low prices. All models are manufactured by the popular US model railway manufacturer Athearn. Selling over 1.5 million models per year Athearn has the right to claim to be »the Biggest Little Railroad in America«. Therefore we are very proud to be the international distribution partner of Athearn offering you all models of this established US manufacturer through our specialized dealers. Since 1943 as Irv Athearn began to build 0 scale freight cars in the kitchen of his mother, his name is well known for top quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. These values were the basis for great success. Also today, the heritage of Irv can be find in each model in form of quality and value. The models shown here are only a small part of the wide Athearn range.

The product range of Athearn, founded in 1943, is divided into:

  • the high-quality Genesis model line
  • the N scale model line
  • the fully equipped "Ready to Roll" model line

Athearn Genesis models with SoundTraxx Tsunami Dual Digital Decoder

All Athearn Genesis sound locomotives in H0 and N scale as well as all Roundhouse sound locomotives will be equipped with the new Tsunami sound decoders from SoundTraxx. The SoundTraxx decoders, specially developed for Athearn, are state of the art and have the following features:

  • Compatible with NEM/NMRA standards - Proven Tsunami technology for optimal, velvety smooth and precise layout operation.
  • Back-EMF-Control for constant speed (load balancing)
  • Dual-mode decoder: automatically detects whether the layout is operated in digital or analogue mode
  • Equipped with a 16-bit digital processor for CD-quality sound
  • Steam locomotive decoders are equipped with the following features: Steam blast, bell, whistle, air pumps, dynamo, injectors and more.

Diesel sound decoders are equipped with the following features:

  • Starting/shutting down, bell, horn (individually selectable from various signal types), compressed air, turbocharger, dynamic brakes, brake sounds, blower, coupling and uncoupling and many more.
  • Programmable starting and braking delay, starting voltage
  • Supports 14-bit address mode for long addresses (up to 9,999 digital addresses)
  • Supports programming on-the-main (on the track)

H0 models can be equipped with the following light effects (according to the prototype):

  • Mars Light (oscillating, white-red, depending on the prototype)
  • Pyle Gyralights (white and red, depending on the prototype)
  • Xenon light with scanning pulse - Western Cullen, rotating flashing light
  • Sequential, primary Stratolite flashing light
  • Radiant Ditch Lights (to illuminate the ditches next to the tracks) and much more