Charge the Hose!

More Water-Drops®

Two things make the Water-Drops® indispensable in designing the water: its simple processing and the possibility of making additional details such as waves or rapids by heating. As a product family, the Water-Drops® are available in three variants:

  • The Water-Drops® transparent are ideal to create crystal clear lakes, rivers and streams. For the color of the substrate, we recommend the water base color set (Art. No. 60875).
  • The Water-Drops® color contains, in addition to the transparent drops for mixing, blue, green and brown drops. This is how you design your own individual water color.
  • Finally, the Water-Drops® easy simplify the work with the Water-Drops®. Simply remove the lid and place the beaker of heat-resistant plastic in the oven and melt. Finally, a tip: If you are looking for an ideal entry into the world of water design with the Water-Drops®, we recommend the water set PROFI (item no. 60814), all necessary for the water design Products.

(WARNING: Risk of burns! Use gloves! Do not heat in the microwave! Only suitable for adult hobbyists.)