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Grass Tufts XL green mix, 92 pieces, 12 mm

light green, dark green, beige and beige green,
92 pieces, 12 mm

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Note: Model building item
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With the practical NOCH Grass Stripes and Tufts, it is very easy to create field paths, embarkments, the grass under guardrails, or at the edge of a forest, as well as similar sceneries realistically. In no time ayt all, you will create a nature-like vegetation - with the XL Grass Tufts even in in extra large! The Flowerbeds are ideally suited for garden plots or for parks. These products are very easy to handle, flexible, and can be included in almost any model landscape.

The Mini Tufts are perfect for smaller sceneries.
Just like the larger ones, the Mini Sets come either with "normal", 6 mm long Grass Tufts, or with 12 mm Long ones.

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    EAN 4007246070053
    Weight 60 g
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    Take the NOCH Grass Stripes and Tufts out of their packing and then adhere them with a drop of glue to the landscape.

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