Article Number 14343


2 pieces,
2.8x1.4cm x 2.4cm high

This product is suitable for scale:
  • G
  • 0
  • 1
  • H0
  • H0m
  • H0e
  • TT
  • N
  • Z
Note: Model building item
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Plenty of Food for Forest Dwellers

The NOCH Laser-Cut mini “Hay Feeder” is ideal for adding even more realistic details to lifelike forest scenes. Especially during the cold season, forest animals need a filled hay feeder so that they can survive the icy cold. In winter, foraging for the animals is severely restricted. This is why it’s important for them to get enough nourishment from the hay feeder. Forest animals like roe deer, deer, wild boar, hare and many more fortify themselves at the “Hay Feeder” and continue hunting or enjoy the peace and quiet in the forest. Make every forest scene even more idyllic with the “Hay Feeder” and put it in the spotlight.

NOCH Laser-Cut minis – by now an institution. Diverse kits have been produced since 2013, but we have received lots of new ideas from enthusiastic customers. That’s why we have now expanded our range. After the great success of the Laser-Cut minis for H0 gauge and at the request of many TT and N gauge railway modellers, we have now also produced Laser-Cut minis for fans of the small gauges. The kits are available for a low price, and they are sure to find a place on every model railway layout. Just let yourself be inspired by our wide variety of topics!

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