Article Number 66830

Football Pitch with Clubhouse, micro-sound Stand and Floodlights

Contents and highlights:
· Grass Mat »Football Pitch«, with printed lines
· Laser-Cut kit Clubhouse
· Laser-Cut kit Stand
· Micro-sound »Football« with fan chants and goal celebration, ready-to-connect electronics with loudspeaker
· 2 Football Goals and 4 Corner Flags
· 4 Floodlights with each 2 LEDs, ready-to-connect
· 2 Football Teams including 11 footballers each
· Decoration sheet for stadium perimeter advertising
· Limited edition of 1000 pieces

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Note: Model building item
€179.99 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

»On the Left Wing, Cross into the Box and Goooaal!« 
In 2016 the European Football Championship will take place again - an important sports event!
However, the real heroes play on training pitches of their clubs every weekend and the real fans come together in their clubhouses to cheer on their local team. Whether in villages or towns, the football clubs are an integral part of our society.
In order to reproduce these scenes in miniature, NOCH presents a small training pitch with clubhouse and plenty of accessories as a New Items Highlight for this year.
The clubhouse and the stand are high-quality Laser-Cut kits. Also the goal and the corner flags are laser-cut models and can be placed on the electrostatically flocked
grass mat being marked with lines. The completely ready-to-connect micro-sound electronics and four floodlights with each two LEDs feature the model to be an acoustic and visual highlight.
To get started immediately with full energy, two football teams are included in the kit as well as a decoration sheet with the matching stadium perimeter advertising.
The connection is made via a usual 16 V transformer, suitable for AC/DC.
This model is a limited special edition of just 1000 pieces and includes a numbered certificate, a detailed instruction manual as well as special adhesive.

Dimensions Clubhouse:
19,2 x 11,6 cm, 8,8 cm high

Dimensions Stand:
9,7 x 4,6 cm, 4,4 cm high

Dimensions Football Pitch:
40 x 27 cm (playing field 29 x 20 cm)

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