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Federal Road grey, Curve, 2 pieces, each 6.6 cm wide

Grey, 2pieces, each 6.6cm wide

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Note: Model building item
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Get from A to B Quickly!

What would we do without bends in main roads? The main road network is ideal for getting from A to B quickly. Main roads lead through beautiful patches of winding landscape and you can really enjoy the drive. People use bends in main roads every day in order to reach their destination. Make detailed road scenes on your model layout even more customised and perfectly draw attention to them with the NOCH “Main Road Universal Curve”. You can hardly tell the difference between this model and the real thing. The model railway passengers quickly reach their destination.

Note: A pack contains 2 Universal Curves and one cutting template. Also available in grey.

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    EAN 4007246485840
    Weight 34 g
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  • How-to tip

    With a sharp knife (eg. with a nox cutter) or with scissors you may cut the Curve from the foil. Allow for a 2 cm extra margin. Afterwards, you devide the curve into the necessary segments for your road design. In order to make the cutting of seamlessly fitting radiuses easier, a template is included in every package. You may then combine the pieces at will, with one another or with straight pieces, in order to create exactly the road layout you desire.

    Each package contains two curves, so that one package contains a full 360° circle.

    Uninterrupted White Center Line
    Should you wish to have a uninterrupted center line rather than the default interrupted one, we recommend using a white »edding ® 780 paint marker« to trace the center line by hand.

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