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English Fans

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This football anthem makes grown man cry
»During his last days, the old Bill Shankly always set down next to his gramophone, turned the volumn up to the maximum and only listened to one song - »You'll never walk alone«. This ultimate football anthem acompanied the legendary FC Liverpool coach to his death. Shankly found solace in the song, which had acompanied him for so long. And he knew: he wouldn't go alone. Roughly 50 years ago, the myth of »You'll never walk alone« began. Out of the original ballade from the Broadway musical »Carousel«, the plant's probably best-known football anthem was born in the similarly legendary Liverpool fan bloc »The Kop«. »When the song builds up slowly and the volumn picks up in the ranks, then, believe me, in these moments I could just die. I wouldn't be mad at god.«, said Gerry Marsden at one time in an interview with the magazine »11 Freunde« (11 Friends). The Englishmen and his band »Gerry & Pacemakers« have recorded the cover version of the song »You'll never walk alone« and they have made the song famous.« (Source: Die Welt)

Fans should not miss in any arena or at the football field's sidelines. The »12th player« creates the atmosphere in the arena and animates the team to achieve peak performance.

With the NOCH 6-piece set »German Fans«, the model railway fan has everything he needs to create an good arena atmosphere on the model railway landscape or in the diorama. The figurines, furthermore, also shine in a crowded train, on the railway station's platforms or as pederstrians on their way to the arena with their flags and their scarfs.



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