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Easy-Track "Andreastal" Guidebook

German Guidebook, about 120 pages

Available from 10/2021
Note: Model building item
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Build Your Personalised Model Railway Layout with Easy-Track

Discover all the tips and tricks in the Guidebook Easy-Track "Andreastal"

Easy-Track is the perfect method for constructing your personal model railway layout, because Easy-Track relieves you of the time-consuming and painstaking steps of track planning. More on the innovative Easy-Track System can be found on pages 50-53 of this brochure. In the Easy-Track Guidebook, you’ll find out how an Easy-Track layout is built step by step using the layout “Andreastal” as an example. Our author Andreas Theis planned the layout “Andreastal” (lit. Andreas Valley) and documented the build with photographs. In comprehensible, individual steps, he guides you through assembling the Easy-Track Railway Route System, to laying the tracks, model landscaping, landscape design and decoration to the finished layout. Naturally, you can also build the landscape around your Easy-Track kit however you like. In this case, the guidebook provides you with a lot of information about modelling techniques and will be your indispensable reference work with tips and tricks.
If you want to replicate the layout built by Mr Theis, you will find practical shopping lists with the required products in each chapter. Then you can be sure that you have all the materials in stock and that there’s nothing standing in the way of your crafting success. Should you want to recreate the layout independently from our Easy-Track Railway Route Kit, you’ll find supplementary track plans for Märklin C-Track and Märklin K-Track, Trix C-Track, PIKO A-Track and Roco Line without track bed in the booklet.

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