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Cable Hut „Gotthard Railway“

5.1 x 2.9 cm,
4 cm high

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Note: Model building item
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The Small Cable House “Gotthard Railway” is ideal for a NOCH train route. All the interconnected cables must be neatly packed together so as not to endanger anyone. Passengers who are waiting at the train station, railway staff who are monitoring the incoming trains and loco drivers who are responsible for ensuring a safe arrival must not be placed in danger by cables lying around. The Small Cable House ensures order and safety! Bring even more order to your model landscape with the Small Cable House “Gotthard Railway”.

The Gotthard line in Switzerland is probably one of the most famous railway lines in the world. From Lucerne to Chiasso, it goes from north to south through Switzerland and over the Gotthard Pass. In 1920, almost exactly 100 years ago, they began to electrify the route so that famous locomotives like the Crocodile and the 4/4 could later run on it. These typical little cable houses were built along the route.

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