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Austrian Football Team

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»Goaaaal!« – Finally there is a complete football team.

The Austrian national football team, also called the ÖFB team or just The Team, presents itself at NOCH, in its traditional red and white jerseys, corresponding with the national colours.

The team consists out of 10 players and one goalkeeper. The model railway figurines - the football players - have been re-created on a 1:87 scale for the model railway H0 scale and modelled in typical, game-related scenes. The players fight, straddle, curse and run. In combination with other national teams, international matches can be depicted on the model railway landscape or in a diorama.

The Austrian national football team is the selected all-star team of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). Most of the team's home games are played in the Viennese Ernst-Happel-Arena. The first historically documented national Austrian match was played in 1902 by a multi-national team from Cisleithania against the Hungarian national football team.

On 16 May 1931, the team under the newly founded Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) won under head-coach Hugo Meisl against the Scotish national team. The so-called wonder team was the first team to beat Scotland on the European mainland.

However, after Austria merged with Germany under Hitler, there no longer was any Austrian national team. Only after the end of WWII and after the Republic of Austria had be re-established, there was an Austrians national team once more. The Austrians team won a respectable thrid place in the 1954 World Cup, just behind the world champion Germany and Hungary in second place. After this succes, however, followed a longer period without any remarkable success. During the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, the team managed to enter the round of the final eight and, not only played the standing 1974 world champion, but also won the match 3 to 2. This victory over Austria's so-called big brother Germany drew a lot of attention and has ever since been called the Córdoba Miracle. The radio journalist Eduard "Edi" Finger's report on the match was also legendary. He enthusastically cheered and called out "I wer narrisch!" ("I am going crazy" or "I can't believe this!") during the game. Austria's last participation in a World Cup was in 1998 in France. Being the host of the 2008 together with Switzerland, Austria was automatically qualified for the European Championship that year. (Source: Wikipedia)

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