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Acrylic Color Brown matt, 90 ml

matt, 90 ml
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Note: Model building item
contains: mixture of 5-cloro-2-methyl-2H-isothiazole-3-on und 2-Methyl-2H-isothiazole-3-on (3:1); 1,2 Benzisothiazole-3(2H)-on; May produce an allergic reaction.
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With the wide range of Landscaping Colours, consisting out of 12 acrylic colours and 8 acrylic colour sprays, painting and colourin your model landscape will always be successful.
The matt colours are ideal for colouring walls, portals, rocks, and mountains, or as the foundation before greening.
The practical Micro Paint-Roll enables you to easily colour in paths or places.
The high-quality acrylic colours are perfectly suited for all materials - even styrofoam. The colours are weather-proof and well-covering and they dry fast.
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    EAN 4007246611935
    Content 90 ml
    Weight 120 g
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    Possible Use of NOCH Acrylic Landscaping Colours

    • As surface primer before greening:
    Apply the green Landscaping Colour (ref. 61195) with the Micro Paint-Roll or with a brush to a platform, before electro-magnetically flocking it with the Grass Master 2.0 (ref. 60135).

    • Road building with the Mirco Paint-Roll:
    Simpy apply the grey Landscaping Colour (ref. 61196) with the NOCH Micro Paint-Roll. This way you can create a roadway without any weals or stripes.

    • Uniform Colouring:
    Use the NOCH Acrylic Spray as a primer for colouring rocks, portals, and walls and then colour them in with the Acrylic Colours. It is best to use a soft brush or a sponge for glazing. You can also use the colours with a lot of water and have the surface absorb the colour.