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Water-Drops® “easy”

150 g, for approx. 160 ml

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To know every trick in the book! Water-Drops® easy

The simple application "melting & casting" the Water-Drops® have revolutionized the crafting realistic model waters. With the Water-Drops® easy the silting of lakes and rivers is now even easier. The cup consists of a heat-resistant plastic and is at the same time the melting vessel.
Simply remove the cover and the Water-Drops® easy to melt in the oven at 150 ° C.

The molten Water-Drops® easy are then poured into the prepared lake or stream and harden within minutes completely. If you are not equal to the entire amount of the model water use, Then let the Liquid Water-Drops® just cool in the cup and store the art water until the next application in your hobby room a. The Water-Drops® can be as often melted down and reused again. Real handy!

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    Content 150 g
    Weight 170 g
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  • How-to tip

    The Water-Drops® be melted easily in the oven in a heat-resistant container (eg. B. jam jar). After melting of the drops, the material remains for approximately 3 minutes in a syrupy consistency. Now it can be poured into the prepared stream or lake bed.

    Is this water cured on your model landscape and you want more changes to the water surface - no problem: With a hairdryer you can melt the surface at any time and edit. With a hot air gun you can even liquefy the entire Water-Drops® waters. A commercial hair dryer is ideal to subsequently draw waves or rapids.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Stir the Water-Drops® very well with a metallic object (eg. with a metal spoon or screwdriver). If the material is not bubble-free or not transparent, return the jar or pot in the oven and heat it for a  few more minutes.

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